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Leading the New Science
of Nutrition and Regenerative Medicine

The world's only company whose products are certified by a team of
seven MD's, each from a different specialty of medicine
The world's first company to develop advanced nutraceuticals based on the new science of epigenetics and regenerative medicine
The world's leading company for balanced natural supplements targeted to specific health problems

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Nutriceed Medical Systems was founded by seven MD's, each from a different specialty of medicine. Nutriceed's nutritional supplements are "Doctors' 7 Certified" to support the body's ability to prevent disease and improve vitality.

Heart Disease & Stroke:

Lotensor BP®
Vascular support of normal blood pressure,endothelium

Healthy circulation, support heart mechanics & reduced thrombosis

Heart Vitals®
Supports normal cholesterol, lipids, and reduced inflammation


Memory BoostR®
Supports cognition & reasoning

Stress & Depression:

Mood Flite®
Enhances neurotransmitters
for mood

Immunity, Host Defenses & Inflammation:

Support immune cells, enhance immune defenses

Veggie Powers®
Phytonutrients from fruits and vegetables

Breast Health ER®
DIM, I3C, I2 & supplements to
reduce risk

Weight Loss:

LipoReg XS®
Support weight loss, appetite, fat burning

Diabetes & Metabolic Syndrome:

Diabexx GL®
Supports glucose control

Women's Health:
Women's pre & probiotic; 15+ billion multi-species, normal Vaginal PH
Miscarriage Minifier®
The Pregnancy Prenatal
Multivitamin with DHA, methyl
folate, AOX, O-3, P-lipids

MenoPhase HF®
Supports Hormone Balance
in Menopause, Fights
Hot Flashes
Bone Brix®
Nutrients for bone
Women's Multivite®
Anti-Aging supplements
for women’s needs
Men's Health:
Proceptin XL®
Support Sperm Function
& Male fertility
Prostate Plex®
Urinary and Bladder
Flow Support
Ciaggra XL®
Support Men's Potency;
Defense Against ED
Men's Multivite ®
Anti-Aging supplements
for men’s needs

Nutritional supplements are preparations intended to enhance one's diet including vitamins, minerals, fiber, fatty acids, enzymes, co-factors, amino acids and phytonutrient bioflavonoids. For most people, these substances are not consumed in sufficient quantities for optimal health.

For the early detection of disease, screening programs are are often utilized. But this is not adequate; the focus should be on the PREVENTION of disease, not just early detection.

Supports connective tissue, joints & reduced inflammation


Digest Ease®
Chewable, broad spectrum enzymes, for digestion, GI inflammation


Thyroid, breast, hormone metabolism

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