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Our Nutraceuticals are DOCTORS' 7 CERTIFIED

Our vitamins, supplements and enzymes are “Doctors' 7 Certified.” We have seven consultant Board-certified MDs, each in a separate and distinct area of clinical medicine. Each physician is in the active practice of medicine, and participates in a variety of aspects of integrative medicine.

Our products have the “Doctors' 7 Certified” seal of approval. Thus, you can be assured of high potency, purity and the highest quality assurance. Our products are manufactured in accordance with strict current Good Manufacturing Practices and with adherence to USP standards.


The "Doctors' 7 Certified" Nutraceuticals
Nutriceed's Nutritional Supplements are designed to support the body's ability to prevent disease and improve vitality. Nutriceed Medical Systems, Inc. was founded by seven MD's, each in a different specialty.

Our products are targeted to improve specific conditions and disease states. Therefore, there is a unique and enhance balance between the individual components of the product.

Please provide us with feedback and add to the increasing list of consumers, who derived health benefits from the use of natural products rather than potentially dangerous pharmaceuticals.
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