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The "Doctors' 7 Certified" Nutraceuticals
Nutriceed's Nutritional Supplements are designed to support the body's ability to prevent disease and improve vitality. Nutriceed Medical Systems, Inc. was founded by seven MD's, each in a different specialty.

Heart Disease & Stroke:

Lotensor BP®
Vascular support of normal blood pressure,endothelium

Healthy circulation, support heart mechanics & reduced thrombosis

Heart Vitals®
Supports normal cholesterol, lipids, and reduced inflammation


Memory BoostR®
Supports cognition & reasoning

Stress & Depression:

Mood Flite®
Enhances neurotransmitters
for mood

Immunity, Host Defenses & Inflammation:

Support immune cells, enhance immune defenses

Veggie Powers®
Phytonutrients from fruits and vegetables

Breast Health ER®
DIM, I3C, I2 & supplements to
reduce risk

Weight Loss:

LipoReg XS®
Support weight loss, appetite, fat burning

Diabetes & Metabolic Syndrome:

Diabexx GL®
Supports glucose control

Women's Health:
Women's pre & probiotic; 15+ billion multi-species, normal Vaginal PH
Miscarriage Minifier®
The Pregnancy Prenatal
Multivitamin with DHA, methyl
folate, AOX, O-3, P-lipids

MenoPhase HF®
Supports Hormone Balance
in Menopause, Fights
Hot Flashes
Bone Brix®
Nutrients for bone
Women's Multivite®
Anti-Aging supplements
for women’s needs
Men's Health:
Proceptin XL ®
Support Sperm Function
& Male fertility
Prostate Plex®
Urinary and Bladder
Flow Support
Ciaggra XL®
Support Men's Potency;
Defense Against ED
Men's Multivite ®
Anti-Aging supplements
for men’s needs


Supports connective tissue, joints & reduced inflammation


Digest Ease®
Chewable, broad spectrum enzymes, for digestion, GI inflammation


Thyroid, breast, hormone metabolism

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